Flower Patch 6

Flower Patch 06
A flower patch for spring

Here’s a flower patch for the lovely month of May since it is (now!) a pretty spring color. The print is similar to the others I’ve posted, but the mint green color is unusual. Actually, I’m not sure exactly what the original shade was, because you can see that it has faded unevenly – dyes of the era were notorious for their fickleness! Unlike the other fabrics, it does not have a shiny new glaze, since it must have been washed and worn earlier in its life.

Flower Patch 06 Back
A view from the back. I doubt the copybook word was “womankind”!

2 thoughts on “Flower Patch 6

  1. Ha! I’ve copied a fair number of copybook maxims and indeed, “womankind” has never come up! I’m so glad you’re sharing these paper pieces- handwriting practice from this era is rarely preserved and it’s nice to see this little snippet!


    1. Thank you, it’s a pleasure! Sometimes I get more of a kick from accidental or “unintended” relics of the past, than from articles that one might expect to survive. For example, the notes penciled in margins or pictures scribbled on endpapers 200 years ago hold more interest than the text. And ancient graffiti can be more entertaining than ancient monuments, don’t you think??

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