So Pretty!

SK Pincushion
A lovely seashell pincushion, crafted by Sherry Key, from 19th century instructions.

Sherry sews seashells, too! I was tickled to hear from a reader who sent a photo of her seashell pincushion, and couldn’t resist sharing. She did have to add another layer of fabric to make the “bag” for it, since the directions (unsurprisingly) left a little to be desired.

One thought on “So Pretty!

  1. Thank you Melissa…it was a fun and easy project. For those wanting to try it, you will need to cut two of Fig. 3 in the calico (I used muslin) to be sewn to Fig. 2 (also in muslin) to make a bag. I left the narrow opening at the back open, and used a funnel to get the bran in there, poking it down and squeezing it occasionally to pack it down, then sewing it closed. Enjoy!



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